Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Happy Birthday Sproggy

April 5th was Patrick's 5th birthday. That same day, Pat and I celebrated our 12th year together. This year, it turned out to be a Saturday.

It developed into a day that could only be described with one word....Happy. It sort of fell into place in just the right way and  it was so so good to feel happy. Though I cannot help but feel the occasional twinge of worry about perhaps getting a little carried away on the contentment front. You see...these thoughts are never too far aware.

We started with a lovely family breakfast and a trip to Thomond Park for me to watch Munster plough their way towards their Heineken Cup semi final place. (Thanks R + D!)

Like that Saturday 5 years ago, there was a lot of noise in Thomond Park. This time, I got to be part of it...as opposed to doing laps of the car park in the Maternity, occasionally stopping to listen to the roars coming from the 16th Man. Patrick was born the next day, a Sunday, and we were home in time for the 2009 Heineken Cup quarter final the following weekend. (Priorities, right?!)

I was especially delighted to see Paul O'Connell, who had sort of accidentally formed a special connection with Patrick, score a last minute try. It was one of six that Munster put on Toulouse that day and it really felt like our Sproggy was looking out for us all around between the weather and the scoreline. Perhaps though a combined effort between him and Donal Walsh as that day was also the first anniversary of his now famous appearance on the Saturday Night Show.

After the match, I got to catch up with a few people before heading home to the boys. Pat and I later had a lovely meal out followed by a few drinks with good friends. (Thanks P + D!) I think we were all giddy after a perfect day. The few drinks may have played a bit of a roll there too though....!

Hey Sproggy,
Thanks for the day, my little boy. We baked you a small birthday cake, got you a card and a present...new Munster Rugby Pyjamas...which shall be turned into Paul O'Connell Pyjama's in due course...To be worn by your baby brother once they fit him. :) I am sure you don't mind.

Love, Mammy, Daddy and Eoghan (and Tipoki, the cat)

Happy 5th Birthday
Thanks Paul O'C

Aug 2010 - 2hours before a family wedding. Bride and Groom received a Munster signed Wedding Card! 

A few days old. 

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