Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Superheroes - A Reflection on Fathers Day.


On Father's Day, we traditionally say Thank You to all the dads in our lives. There may be cards and gifts made by little hands, breakfast in bed and sloppy kisses.

In a special way, we should acknowledge our grieving dads today; our every-day superheroes...the very ones who often so gracefully carry the heartache of their partner's loss as well as their own.

Thank you for holding us and drying our tears when it all gets too much to bear.
Thank you for shielding us from some of the whispered enquiries as to how we are "holding up".
Thank you for soldiering on and going out to work; sometimes even before you were truly ready to; grief your companion along much of the way; so that the family is provided for.
Thank you for continuing to live and smile for us and any other kids you might have, though you may not always feel like it.
Thank you for accepting us as we are on the good, bad and downright ugly days - offering your never-ending love and support.
Thank you for being the reason we got to have this child - because despite what happened, we would not want to change that for the world.

Please always know that just like you are a rock to us, we can be a rock to you - because you cannot be a superhero all the time. You are allowed to grieve, like we do, for this little person whom you have watched being born into this world and being torn right out of it again before their time.

Because despite of what we were told men should be:
It is ok to hurt.
It is ok to cry.
It is ok to be angry.
It is ok never to "get over it".
We know you daddies like to mend things that are broken but:
No, you are not able to fix this one...as much as you may want to...and that too, is OK.

Know that you are, always have been and always will be a very special
With Love

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