Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Something Good

Over the last number of years, we have become very close to some of the parents in the SUDC family...seeing each other through the ups and downs of daily life as people, friends, partners, parents and bereaved parents.

I am glad we have them in our lives - but I also wish we did not have to know them. I wish we could live in blissful ignorance of each others existence and the existence of SUDC entirely.

But this has been our fate - for whatever reason. And therefore I am glad we know them and that we get to catch up with them on social media and more recently even got to meet them in person.

In October, we spent a lovely and relaxed few days in Scotland. Eoghan loved his adventure in the "aeroplane" and looking for William Wallace ... That poor American tourist will never know that my son had himself firmly convinced that he was the William Wallace. Eoghan was very concerned because poor William Wallace seemed to have left his coat behind on a table at the Falkirk Wheel!

It was nice for him to make friends with Ara and baby Haggis (Harris) and I hope we will get meet them all regularly and see them remain friends as they grow up. For us, it was really nice to meet Eden's parents and spend some time with them.

It meant a lot to visit Eden's Garden in Glasgow and walk Gregors Walk in Braco on a sunny autumn morning...even if we didn't manage to meet up with Gregors parents or Declans mum on that occasion.

In many ways, it was an emotional trip but one I am glad we got to make because we got to see a beautiful country and wonderful people...At least something good came out of something so heartbreaking.

Never forgotten...

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