Friday, 15 January 2016


Lately and from time to time, I think about how different our memories of January 25th 2011 are. Not just between myself and my husband but for our friends, family, colleagues.

I sometimes wonder what went on in their heads. How they felt. What they thought. How it affected them. Where they were when they heard.

I know how I felt on the day and those that followed. I have an idea what Pat went through. But we've never really spoken about how that day was for others around us.

In the ensuing chaos, there were friends and family making sure word got out and people got told; making phone calls nobody wants to have to make - amidst their own shock and tears, no doubt. There were people trying to help others organise flights..."keeping it together" for us. There were people keeping us fed, organising lifts, preparing music for Patrick's funeral. So many people did so many wonderful things for us at that time.

While I have heard bits over the last 4 years, I think I'd love to hear their stories some time...If they felt ok to share them. And I want them to know that I do think about how that day affected them and how grateful we are for all they did for us.

Perhaps it is Patrick's 5th anniversary looming large in the not-so-distant future that brings my mind back to this.

5 years. Half a decade. A life-time that has flown.

The length of time you are classed as "newly bereaved". Can we have an extension please because we still have not, nor will we ever get used it. The head understands but the heart never does get around it.

Well, I think you know who you are. If you feel you can, tell me; by whichever medium you like.

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