Friday, 13 April 2012

Patrick's Birthday

How do you deal with a birthday under these circumstances? Having spoken to other parents in the same boat, it always seems to involve balloons and possibly chinese lanterns.

It is a hard day to face, no doubt. Emotionally very challenging. You may not feel like doing anything but eventually, you will come up with something that will become a little family routine for the rest of your life.

I think for us it will be releasing balloons at the creche and grave and a family dinner. For sure, we will take this day off always and do something as a family. We want him to be remembered. I know, nobody who ever really knew him would ever forget him but I do have that fear that his memory will fade with time.

There are no words to describe how much I miss this little man.

In the past year, he has had 4 trees planted in his name and a lamb named after him. That just goes to show how much people care and for us, his parents, that means a lot.

Sproggy, the lamb, as it was last year. I am sure it has grown big and strong by now.

Patrick's tree at the crèche. It was planted the day of the first anniversary of his death. A lot of our friends were gathered at the crèche for it.

Patrick's Patch in the crèche...a wall space dedicated to our little man, decorated with loads of stuff. We were moved beyond tears when we saw it for the first time. It is hard looking at it because it makes it all so real but it was so lovely of the girls to have done this.

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