Friday, 13 April 2012

A Stroll For Sproggy

To do something useful, I guess, we decided at the start of the year to take part in the Great Limerick Run and raise funds for the SUDC. The husband, in a stroke of genius, came up with the name: A Stroll For Sproggy

Once we told people, it just snowballed. Loads have come out to support us and walk with us.

Niall Colgan Hairdressing (best hairdressers in the region as far as I am concerned!)
Little Treasures Creche
Power-One peoples
Family and Friends

These are just some of the folks who are walking with us.

Eoghan will have his own t-shirt to wear on the day and we are looking forward to doing this.

We hope we raise a good bit for research. I really hope some day we get to a point where we know what triggers SUDC and perhaps even how to spot signs and prevent it.

Makes me feel like we are doing something when we feel so utterly useless in the face of it all....

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