Friday, 27 June 2014

Screw that...I did not sign up for this!!

What can you say? I cannot describe how bittersweet it is to hold these items in my hands. Reminders of the mile stones in his short life; many of which he reached in Debbie's care. Things he loved. The hat he had just gotten as a gift from a dear friend of ours. His lovely shoes. His beloved Sheep creche bag we got him after the first time leaving him on an over night stay with his grand parents. His dodi. His bib...which has probably turned into a life form of its own having been untouched and Weetabix-stained since January 25th 2011. His little toy...

This is not right...Screw it, I did not sign up for this.

Sproggy, We love you and miss you always...our little star. xxx

Now excuse me while I go and wallow for a while...


  1. Liebe Stephanie, lieber Pat,
    das ist auch für uns einer der Momente, in denen man kaum Worte findet. Wir umarmen Euch ganz fest. Little Patrick wird immer irgendwie nahe bei uns sein...

  2. Patrick's shoes are so cute. There is something special about shoes; perhaps it is that it shows so clearly how young and cute our children were. Tommy's shoes haven't moved from their place on the shoe shelves; hopefully they never will.


  3. Thanks Troy. Thinking of you guys.
    Some things you just never want to move.
    Hugs xxx